Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

The Muscovy Duck is a wild duck, but can also be found domesticated; I have seen them in Fraijanes (Alajuela), the University for Peace (Ciudad Colón) and La Sabana (San José), which are three parks you can visit either for free (La Sabana) or a small fee. The ones below are all domestic birds found in Concasa; there is a small lake where ducks usually stay. Domestic members of this duck species are very common in Costa Rica, obtained through crossing with the Barnyard duck. Crossed individuals come in a variety of black and white combinations, some even having entirely white plumage. Wild ducks are very nervous about people and don’t show almost any white on their plumage.

Muscovy Duck, Female - Cairina moschata - Pato Real, Hembra

Close up Portrait of Female Muscovy Duck.

Muscovy Duck, Juvenile - Cairina moschata - Pato Real, Juvenil (2)

Close up Portrait of a Juvenile Muscovy Duck.

Muscovy Duck, male - Cairina moschata - Pato Real, Macho (2)

Adult males normally show a patch of red skin over the forehead.

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