Collared Redstart (Myioborus torquatus)

I saw this little bird for the first time at the reserve called “Locos por el bosque”, which translates to “Crazy for the forest”, located in Coronado, San José. A single individual perched on a wire fence, which separated the trail from the forest area. It inhabits the mid elevation forests in Costa Rica, including the San Gerardo de Dota area, where this picture was taken. It is locally known as “Men’s friend”, due to its behavior of following people through the trails as they hike the area, potentially looking for the insects that are flushed by them. Their upperparts are entirely black, with the exception of a small red-brown crown. The face is bright yellow, featuring a black iris. The upperparts are entirely yellow, except for the underside of the tail feathers, which are white.

This Collared Redstart would perch on a branch that stemmed out of a big tree from time to time. I waited patiently from a nearby sidewalk, until it gave me this opportunity. In the meantime, a group of 30 college students walked by during a guided natural history, entirely unaware of the prize I was looking for.
Collared Redstart - Myioborus torquatus - Candelita Collareja (Amigo de Hombre)
A Collared Redstart perches placidly on a fence wire.

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