The first time I saw this bird, it was in Fincas Bambuzal, Río Frío on November 6th, 2016. I was walking around the area, looking for the Laughing Falcon, when this bird suddenly arrived and perched in a bamboo branch, in one of the lots that is still covered by dense jungle vegetation. It was dark, and I had not enough time to change settings, so the pictures looked dark and noisy, however I conserved them because of how fortunate I felt of having seen that bird. Fortune would smile at me later, so I got better pictures now.

Fast forward to July 24th, 2018. I was at the same location, riding my mountain bike along the trails, when suddenly I saw a brown bird fly away from the trail. At first I thought it was a Clay-colored Thrush, but I decided that I would not lose anything by investigating. And there it was, a male perched on the bamboo with a green stinging nettle on its beak.

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