Pacific-screech Owl (Megascops cooperi)

One side effect of birdwatching is that eyesight and hearing get more precise as time goes. That’s how this species was spotted. During a Birdwatching tour with Fundacion Rapaces de Costa Rica, we stopped by that spot where this bird was reportedly sleeping, however it wasn’t there, so continued on to visit the Barn Owl. The bus stopped a hundred meters before the barn, and we all started to walk towards it, when suddenly one of the guys stopped and aimed his camera to the fence. We found ourselves staring at a Juvenile, which perched almost motionless in disguise, and did not bother to fly, even when we approached to two meters or so. What’s more, the adult was perched on a tree-hole a mere 5 meters from the juvenile, so we spent at least an hour of the tour taking pictures of them both.

Pacific Screech-Owl, Adult - Megascops cooperi - Lechucita Sabanera, Estucurú, Sorococa, Adulto

This owl answered our calls and remained very active for long while we took our pictures, moving the head from side to side and vibrating its chest as it sang.

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