Aves en Vuelo – Cinchona and Rio Cuarto

On the third Photography Workshop with To The Wonder, we went to two different places, namely Laguna de Hule, and Rio Cuarto de Grecia. In fact, we knew we would do some landscape photography in the morning, but not exactly where. It was Alvaro Cubero, our wildlife photography guide, whom revealed the secret during breakfast at Freddo Fresas. Luis Solano Pochet commented that he was not supposed to say anything, but since the new already had broken…

So we went to Cinchona in search the lagoon. Upon arrival, we saw the lagoon covered in dense clouds, but still settled down at the restaurant, waiting for better conditions to arrive. Indeed, 15 minutes later everyone had taken their positions, and the lagoon had revealed itself. Vultures and a Kite (not sure about the species) roamed the sky meanwhile. We took wide angles and close ups of the lagoons, as well as some pictures of the occasional hummingbird.

Lunch happened in Sarapiquí, an entirely different climate. Some of the people shared their stories watching the Aurora at Iceland and how that experience changed their lives. I made a mental note (again) that I will be there to see it with my own eyes, yet the pictures they showed were amazing. Alvaro spent a few minutes to explain what we were going to do at the shooting. Everyone was excited.

So we headed out to the reserve and found an incredible quantity of Macaws, all roaming freely by the property. We saw the Scarlet Macaw, the Green Macaw (which is pretty rare in Costa Rica) and the hybrid between those. Alvaro was quick to explain that Hybrid Macaws don’t occur in nature, but here in the refuge there is a couple that has nested a few times already, and we saw them by the nest together.

So we tried our luck at portraits, and then did a quick test at flying Macaws. It proved difficult. There’s no time to compose or select a suitable background, most of the time you are barely keeping the bird inside the viewfinder. With the newly gained experience, we went to another side of the property and took another few tries at getting the special shots, and some of those came to life. When the Macaws decided to stop flying, we head back to the refuge and were greeted by White-faced Monkeys. Alvaro again explained we should not worry about taking them pictures on the ground, as it is not natural for them to walk on it.


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