The definitive field mark for identifying this parrot is the white in the head, followed by a narrow blue band, and the red orbital skin, but that’s only in the adult, as the juvenile does not have blue in the head and has white orbital skin. I observed this species for the first time in Tilarán, on June 17th, 2017. I was just walking the last kilometer of a wonderful hike through Viento Fresco, when a group of this species perched on a nearby tree. Then as I continued walking, a juvenile came flying and perched low in a tree right by the trail, allowing me to take a picture from closer range.

White-fronted Parrot, Adult - Amazona albifrons - Loro Frentiblanco, Adulto
Left is the adult, right the juvenile parrot
White-fronted Parrot, Juvenile - Amazona albifrons - Loro Frentiblanco, Juvenil
This juvenile perched pretty low and was curious about me

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