Wood Stork (Mycteria americana)

The Wood Stork is a pretty big bird, measuring one meter when standing up with the neck raised. It is not the largest bird in Costa Rica, that spot is reserved for the Jabiru, however you will be impressed by its size. Both may resemble each other during flight over, however the sheer size of the Jabiru is apparent when seen flying together. The wood stork’s plumage is by the most part white, with half of the wing feathers being black, forming a two-toned wing pattern during flight. The neck and head are covered in bare skin, and the beak is long and pointy, which helps to catch fish. The juvenile has its neck and head covered in gray feathers, which are gradually lost as the bird matures.

Wood Stork, Juvenile - Mycteria americana - Cigueñón, Juvenil

The Wood Stork is quite common to see in Caño Negro, at least on this time of the year. We sometimes confused it with the Jabiru, however the latter is huge in comparison.

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