The Plain-colored Tanager is a nondescript bird that is easily overlooked, as it lacks the size and flashy colors of other CR Tanagers like the Golden-hooded or the Passerini’s. At first sight, it might look a lot similar to the Palm Tanager, however the Plain-colored is smaller and plumper than the Palm. Also the Plain Tanager has not olive or blueish coloration in the body, being pure shades of grey with black iris an bill. They like to eat fruit at feeders like most tanagers. The individuals below were photographed during a Birdwatching tour with Fundación Rapaces de Costa Rica, at Laguna del Lagarto Lodge, Boca Tapada, on November 25th and 26th. There they shared their space with all three species of Honeycreepers, Tanagers and Orioles, but anytime a big bird like the Toucans or Oropendolas arrived to the action, every single bird flew away.

Plain-colored Tanager - Tangara Inornata - Tangara Cenicienta (2)
The Plain-colored Tanager is pretty small. Compare the size with the small parasitic plant attached to this branch

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