Gartered Trogon (Trogon caligatus)

Being a member of the Trogon family, this species is pretty colorful, which helps to locate them in the dark forest they usually inhabit. Due to that, the male’s blue head and green back may look black or gray unless you look at it closely. The following pictures were taken in Fincas Bambuzal, Río Frío on August 14th, 2017; a group of 5 individuals was perched on bamboo, calling each other every now and then. I heard their calls but for about half an hour I was not able to locate the birds, which were pretty high, but descended to about 2 meters from the ground. I took my tripod and was able even to film a few videos of them calling.


The male has dark blue head, green back and an orange eye ring. Tail feathers have barring in black and white.


The female has a white eye ring and both the back and head are gray. Also the barring on the tail feathers is limited to the outside part

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