Columbia Icefield is an enormous glacier that is situated near Athabasca, in Jasper National Park. The tour operator offers a package where you are transported using special vehicles that can climb steep hills of ice, let you walk in the glacier for half an hour, and then transport you to the Skywalk, a platform located at the edge a 280 meters deep canyon, where the floor is made of transparent materials, so you can see all the void below. While the tour itself does not grant you with a lot of photographic material, it can easily be a once in a lifetime experience. There is a different tour where you can hike all the way through the glacier, up to the icefield, but it takes 4 hours and special equipment to walk in the ice.

After the icefield, we headed back and went to Peyto Lake. This is another Turquoise lake, situated around 100 km northwest from Banff Town. We visited it during the afternoon, when the sun is higher up the sky, as it is the time the color of the lake is the most brilliant. A lot of conifers and some mountains serve as the background for this amazingly colored lake. Just as the other lakes, the color is formed due to sediment that comes from the nearby glaciers.

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