Moose (Alces alces)

Moose was definitely the species we did not expect to see, so it was a nice surprise to spot two individuals, mother and calf, peacefully grazing along a plain by the side of the road. We stopped nearby and approached to take a few pictures. Suddenly, the calf charged towards us, most likely out of curiosity, but still that was dangerous. An enraged mother would have attacked us if she felt her calf was not safe with us. Luckily, it just was playful behavior, and they returned to graze and mind their own business. After a few minutes, they crosses the small stream and disappeared into the deep forest. There were no signs of the male, nevertheless this was one of the luckiest days for the group.


An adult female grazes in the plains. Females do not have antlers, but the males antlers can be huge.


Its size is impressive. You can see the power that’s contained in the shoulder and neck muscles


The calf was more playful and ran from side to side, not so much concerned with grazing



The mother always keeps a close eye on the calf. They reunite from time to time at the same spot.



Mother in the run, trying to catch up with the calf, which was already heading for the stream on its own.


Time to cross the river and disappear into the bushes for the calf.


If the calf is gone, so is the mother!

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