Ring-billed Gull (Laurs delawarensis)

Gulls can be difficult to differentiate, specially since they come to Costa Rica in their non-breeding plumage. The definite marking for the Ring-billed Gull is the black tip of the beak for the Juvenile, and the Black ring on the middle of the beak for the adult. Note that the juvenile has pink bill and legs, whereas the adult has yellow bill and legs. The adult has a white belly and head, with gray wings and black wing tips. The juvenile is grayish, but has some streaking around the body. The individuals below were photographed in Vermilion Lakes, Alberta during a Photography Workshop with ToTheWonder, in September 2017.


This Juvenile Ring-billed Gull was perched on a rock in the middle of Bow River, as it crossed through Banff Town


I like this portrait in that the sunlight is coming straight from the left, illuminating the face and belly of the bird, and creating a little bit of shade to the back of the bird.


Another Juvenile spotted by the side of Minnewanka Lake. The pink legs and basal portion of the bill, along with black tip are distinctive.

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