Braulio Carrillo

Braulio Carrillo is the National Park closest to San Jose, a mere one hour drive. It is located towards the Caribbean coast, containing varied ecosystems from lowland tropical rain forest, all the way to cloud forest in the most elevated parts. There are few entrances, but the most popular one is called “Quebrada Gonzalez”, or Gonzalez’s Little Stream, which is shown in the pictures below. A set of 6km trails take you through the reserve at about 500 meters above sea level, where it rains most of the year thanks to the caribbean winds that bring humidity to the base of the mountain range. Lots of birds inhabit the park, which attracts many birdwatchers and nature lovers like me.


Long exposure of Quebrada Gonzalez, at Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo. The lush tropical rainforest vegetation keeps this place humid and fresh, the perfect combination for some hiking and birdwatching.


Some rocks served as anchor for plants that thrive in the small stream.


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