Cerro Pelado

Cerro Pelado has slowly become a popular tourist destination for hikers and photographers. In the dry season, it becomes a barren landscape like nothing else in the rest of the country, yet the sunsets seen from its viewpoints are spectacular. The fact that there is low light pollution helps to get an immersive view of the night sky, and when the wet season returns, the whole place transforms with green grass and shrubs.

But Cerro Pelado is not with its dangers. Its wind is the strongest I have ever felt, forcing me to lie down on my belly just to avoid falling with all my photography gear on my back. I almost lost some of that gear when the tripod fell to the ground, that is with the camera, lens and filters attached to it, and my backpack hanging from it. And the last peak can only be reached by walking through a narrow passage that has cliffs on both sides. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. But if you crave for the most incredible views in Costa Rica, Cerro Pelado offers the best.


The landscape at Cerro Pelado is full of undulating lines carved in rock and soil. In the dry season, just little green oasis of life break the brown silhouette.


The gravel trail that takes people from the entrance to the very top of Cerro Pelado.


This is a splendorous sunset at Cerro Pelado. The vegetation just glows in orange coloration during the dry season.


Just keeping the camera balanced is difficult business with the fast winds that we faced.


Sunrise in Cerro Pelado started with some pink colors on the horizon. In the wet season, all the grass turns back to green.


The sun is just peeking from the mountainside during sunrise. It was still dark for the most part.


Now the sun was higher, however since it was just going over one of the hills, it made for a great star-like shape.


This is it! Tiny people can be seen climbing the impressive rock to the top. One false step can lead to a dangerous fall.


A closer look at the rocky terrain that can be seen in Cerro Pelado.

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