There are great places to visit in Cinchona. The first one is the Rubber Lagoon, a popular place for hiking, since you can walk about 4 kilometers down from a restaurant to the edge of the lagoon and visit two more lagoons that lie within the forest, and then go back to the viewpoint. It is also popular with enduro motorcycle and quad racers, because the trail can be very muddy when it rains, allowing them to experience an adrenaline-filled journey.


Very wide view of Rubber Lagoon, which presumably sits on top of an extinct volcano crater. The name comes from the rubber tree forest that were native to the area.


A closer look at the Lagoon and the forest covered hill to the right.

A second place interesting for Landscape Photography is a small stream with waterfalls that runs through Jardines Rey de Cocora. The stream is located inside the rain forest and is bordered by exuberant vegetation.


A small stream that runs through Jardines del Rey de Cocora. The water is cold, but the view is definitely refreshing.


Even at 1 half of a second, the long exposure technique makes fast flowing water look silky


A long exposure shot of the stream conveys movement as the water course is split by the rocks


The exuberant vegetation lining the stream is composed of trees and bushes typical of rain and cloud forest

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