The Brown-banded is one of the Antpittas that can be seen at Rio Blanco Natural Reserve, in Manizales, Colombia. To see it, the guide takes a bucket with worms and places them at a specific spot just off a narrow trail at 7:00 am every day. He then starts imitating is song and sure enough after a few minutes, the bird responds with its characteristic call. It approaches the place and once sure that it is safe, it goes out and grabs some worms. It stays motionless for a few seconds, and then continues grabbing more food. All of a sudden it runs and disappears into the forest, and won’t respond to calls or food until the next day at the same time. Like most Antpittas, their body is plump with a short tail, and it has a brown coloration all over with gray legs. The black eyes are very big, most probably a feature to help it see well in the dark forest where it inhabits. It is a vulnerable species which inhabits a very limited range in Manizales.

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