The Gold-ringed Tanager was one of the species that we looked for the most. It is one of the emblems at Tatama National Park, since it has a restricted range that gives it an endemic and vulnerable status, with Tatama being a few of the places where it can be spotted. Its body is mostly dark green with black throat and a yellow patch on the chest. It has blue wings and a black head. The yellow supercilliary coils down and joins the yellow moustachial line, forming the ring that gives this species its name. We found it in a few occasions as we descended down the trail at Tatama. At one side of the trail, a big wall raised which was covered in vegetation; the bird would forage in there, going up and down in search of fresh fruit, and was not very disturbed by our presence. They move rapidly when foraging, jumping from branch to branch in search for the best fruits. As long as you stay motionless, they won’t be scared of being in close proximity.

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