Boa Constrictor (Boa constrictor)

Boas are not venomous snakes, instead they are constrictors as their name implies, which means that they use their powerful muscles to wrap itself around their prey and asphyxiate them. It combines gray skin with big red blobs and yellow-black lines that form a distinctive pattern; its skin is somewhat iridescent though, showing some blue and green hues sometimes. Since the red blobs are bigger towards the tail, it is sometimes called “Red-tailed Boa”. The eye is black, with the typical vertical pupils of most snakes. They inhabit rain forests, due to their preference to stay in warm, wet places with plenty of potential prey, which includes mice, birds and amphibians. Their preferred hunting technique is the ambush, waiting for prey to get close enough before launching an attack.

All pictures taken under a controlled environment at Mirador El Pizote, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica.

The sunset was raging over San Carlos river as I was taking photos with the macro lens. The colors just amaze me.
A little bit later and the colors changed to deep blue and purple. The boa was very active, moving from one part of the branch to the other.
Almost having a universal name, the Boa Constrictor is not venomous, but kills by wrapping itself around its prey, using its powerful muscles to asphyxiate them.
The muscles in this snake are very strong, giving it a stocky appearance. It can reach a length of 4 meters, with females being larger than males.

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