Eyelash Viper (Bothriechis schlegelii)

The Eyelash Viper is an arboreal venomous snake, found in Central and South America, with a diverse array of skin colors, with the yellow color potentially being the most impressive. It is called Eyelash due to the scales right on top of the eyes. They grow up to 82 centimeters in length, which is not very long between viper species. Its head is triangular in shape and its tail is prehensile, helping it grab branches to maintain its balance. They hunt by ambush, waiting in a spot for prey, particularly birds during the annual migration.

The bright yellow skin of this serpent is unmistakable. It coiled around the branch and used its tail tip as an anchor to maintain balance at all times.
This viper is found in many colors, including green, white and yellow like this individual. In this color, the common name applied in Spanish is “Oropel”, deriving from “oro” which means gold.
While the branches are straight, the body of this snake wrapped around them looks very curved, like a set of “S” shapes.
It does have a menacing look, specially from up close. One would think that the snake is angry given its face.

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