The Jumping Pit Viper is another feared venomous snakes that occurs naturally in Costa Rica. They have a skin pattern similar to the Fer-de-lance, hence they might be confused on the field. Since both are dangerous, it is still a safe bet to stay away, whether the individual is one species or the other. The Fer-de-lance can be distinguished by the smaller head and ligther eyes; also the Jumping Pit Viper has solid brown triangles all along the body, while the Fer-de-lance features brown markings that are connected diagonally, but on the inside hey have lighter colors.

In spite of its common name, it is not more common for the Picado’s Jumping Pitviper to jump on top of their prey than any other viper species. Its Spanish common name also refers to a “Eye of Round” beef cut, not exactly helpful if someone shouts “Mano de Piedra!”. Their venom is very strong, so people are very cautious if they handle them.


  1. what does it eat is it nocturnal what are some more behaviors what is its diet and what are the predators of the Atropoides Picadoi? this isn’t really that much information


    1. Hello Olivia, unfortunately I don’t have my Reptiles of Costa Rica guide handy right now, and I am not an herpetologist, so I guess I can’t answer those questions. I could not find much of that information either in websites. It would really be a wonder if someone created the equivalent of Cornell’s Birds of the World, but for reptiles and amphibians.


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