Ring-necked Coffee Snake (Ninia sebae)

Ring-necked Coffee Snake is a non-venomous species of snakes, although it does resembles the Coral snake due to its red coloration in most of the body. It lacks any ring patterns and is very slim, two traits that can help in identification. Its forehead is black, and it has a black mark on the back as well, just before the red body skin starts. It is found in Mexico and Central America.

Their red coloration still serves to warn predators not to come close. People ask me if this is a Coral or False Coral when they see the picture, but without any rings it only bears a small resemblance
With its elongated and thin body, one might think it is just a worm, were not for its bright skin color.
It wiggles around rather fast. In fact, the guide had trouble keeping it static on the same place during this photoshoot.

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