There usually are not many opportunities to watch a nesting bird go about their job of bringing food for the hatchlings, but the Chestnut-headed Oropendola gave me an spectacle. During my second trip to Yatama Ecolodge, two birds were nesting on a palm tree close to the refuge. The palm tree was tall but it was grounded in a depression, so I was able to take photographs pretty much at eye level from the hillside and still secure a green background from the trees on the other side. I also got to observe pretty interesting behavior. For instance, the first time we arrived, the adult perched on a tree about 50 meters from the nest. Instead of diving for the nest, it stayed put for about 15 minutes, just watching us. I interpret that it decided not to give away the location of the nestlings, as though there were 8 nests, only 2 were being used. We then walked away a few meters, and then the adult plunged into the nest, fed the chick in about 10 seconds, and flew away from the nest to gather more food. This behavior repeated for the whole afternoon. I realized that the camera itself was not disturbing, so I set my camera and hid in a nearby tree. As soon as the bird came, I walked to the camera and snatched the pictures below.

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