There are plenty of frog species to be found in Yatama Ecolodge, and the Noble’s Masked Litter Frog is one of them. You just have to walk at night around the trails, or like in this case, by the sidewalk of the refuge, and you will find frogs in every corner, some on the soil, others placidly resting on top of a leaf. To be fair, I only saw this particular species once in all nights that I went out, which is consistent with the Amphibians of Costa Rica: A Field Guide book by Twan Leenders, where it specifies it is relatively uncommon. The skin in the individual below is relatively bright, and although its color might conceal it on the ground covered by dead leaves, on top of a green leave it looks very conspicuous. It is very similar in appearance to the Masked Litter Frog, although the latter never has such bright colors.

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