Green-and-black Fruiteater (Pipreola riefferii)

The Green-and-black Fruiteater is a species of the Cotingidae family, despite having a body form similar to a Tanager. The female is entirely green with yellow streaking on the belly, and red bill and legs. The male is similar, but has a black head and a yellow necklace that separates the black head from the green belly. We saw this species as we searched for the Gold-ringed Tanager at Tatama National Park. It was not surprisingly perching on a branch that showed some small fruits, which presumably were being eaten by the bird.

Golden-hooded Tanager (Tangara larvata)

The Golden-hooded Tanager, known as “Seven Colors” (direct translation from Spanish) in Costa Rica, is indeed a colorful bird, in my opinion one of the prettiest. In direct sunlight, the contrast of the deep black with the different shades of blue, white underparts and golden hood just looks amazing, like a very saturated painting, but it is real. They are small birds, similar in size to the Honeycreepers, and belong to the Tanager family. Juvenile birds lack the golden hood, but are just as colorful as the adults.

Look just how small this tanager is, it is dwarfed by the bromeliad on the right.
Golden-hooded Tanager, Adult - Tangara larvata - Mariposa, Siete Colores, Adulto (2)
An adult Golden-hooded Tanager perched on a branch that is as wide as the bird’s body length
Golden-hooded Tanager, Adult - Tangara larvata - Mariposa, Siete Colores, Adulto
Golden-hooded Tanagers do come to fruit feeders, but they prefer to stay on seed-bearing plants