White-tipped Dove (Leptotila verreauxi)

The White-tipped Dove is so similar to the much more common White-winged Dove, that at first glance I doubted I was seeing another species, however upon closer inspection, the lack of white in the wings discards the White-winged; even the juvenile White-winged Dove has the white markings on the wings. Although not shown in the pictures, it has white markings on the tips of the tail that give this species its name. Another key difference is their behavior: White-tipped Dove tend to forage most of the time on the ground, and will climb onto trees only when startled, whereas the White-winged Dove is more arboreal and will come to the ground occasionally to feed on fallen fruit. White-winged Doves are a lot more confident in human presence, while the White-tipped becomes very nervous as people close in and will fly away of danger any time.