I am a Citizen of Costa Rica, born in Golfito near the border with Panama. I majored in Business at the Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica in the Central Campus, and have completed the Online Micro Master Degree in Supply Chain Management by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which gives me the opportunity to apply for a six-months intensive program at campus for obtaining the full SCM Masters Degree. I worked as Accounting Analyst at Artinsoft and WNS Global Services, then moved to P&G as Supply Chain Master Data Analyst for the Latin America Planning Service Center. More recently I worked at 3M as Master Data Team Lead for the Costa Rica Global Service Center, as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, leading high impact continuous improvement projects, and more recently as a Lean Coach, driving implementation of efficient operating practices at the center.

Normally I get asked how much time I spend each day to make my hair look so curly. I always answer: It’s natural guys. In fact, both my parents have somewhat curly hair, which means I just got lucky thanks to Gregor Mendel’s laws of inheritance.


I love mountain biking. Costa Rica has many great places to ride a bike, and the sport has gained many adepts. My longest ride has been 76km long, but the hardest was on December 31th, 2016. It was 58km long, with endless climbs and exhilarating descends through the mountains in Acosta and Mora. My current bike is a black Trek Marlin 7, and with it I accumulated 7,626 km of road in two years.


I also do hiking anytime I can. Again, Costa Rica has so many great natural places, with volcanoes, waterfalls and dense forests not too far away from where I live. Hiking has enabled me to get to know places I would never have known. We usually visit places that are not well known and are not filled with tourists, but that we can enjoy a lot.

I also like playing the piano, mostly pieces from the classical and romantic period. You can watch some of the videos I have recorded in the link:


And about photography, I like wildlife and landscape the most. From wildlife, I like the challenge of getting silently up close to the subject and anticipating its next move, to ensure I get interesting poses and angles. From landscapes, I love to make memories of natural places I have visited, and enjoy witnessing surreal sunrises and sunsets everywhere.