Green Heron (Butorides Virescens)

From what I have observed, the Green Heron shares some traits with the bigger Bare-throated Tiger Heron. Both maintain their necks coiled most of the time, and elongate them up to twice the size of their body when they are ready to attack. Both walk in a stealthy manner, not making a single sound, as they approach to unsuspecting prey. Both are startled easily and fly far away when you are too close. The differences are that the Green Heron is more likely to be found perching high up in the trees, and the obvious size difference; the Green Heron is pretty small, the size of a duck, while the Tiger Heron is bigger than a turkey.

This Green Heron is a common visitor to Concasa’s small lagoon, where I see it every day stalking small fish from the concrete sidewalk. It can crouch motionless for minutes and not even close an eye.
After a few minutes of stalking and not getting anything to eat, the Heron decided it was time to prun its feathers. Not long afterwards, it flew away.
A Green Heron stalking small fish from the edge of the lagoon. Their long feet and toes let them wade in the shallow waters. Instead of continuously probing the water like sandpiper and other shorebirds, the Heron simply moves very slowly, then stands still, waiting for the perfect moment to catch its prey.
A Green Heron stalking prey in the saline waters. Not the species we were looking for, but still a nice sight.
Green Heron - Butorides virescens - Garcilla Verde (2)
Close-up Portrait of adult bird. The bird was about 1 meter away from me, which was surprising. I suppose it was so focused on the prey that it did not notice me.

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