Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti)

The Ruddy Ground-Dove is a small dove that as implied by the name, forages primarily in the ground, and uses perches when startled or to roost. It is found almost all around the country. The male is distinctive with its reddish color, while the female is a lot duller, nearly gray in coloration. They are very wary of people and will start walking hurriedly if one approaches, then fly away very fast if one is getting too close to be comfortable.

This female Ruddy Ground-Dove stood on a Yucca tree branch alongside a male individual that was close. Even if their name is ground doves, they frequently perch in low branches, specially when not foraging for food, which provides them a better view of the surroundings and potential predators.
This female stood on a very small branch, which was easily moved by the wind. A number of times it seemed like it would fall off, but she kept the balance nicely.
Ruddy Ground-Dove, Male - Columbina talpacoti - Tortolita Rojiza (Tortolita, Palomita Colorada), Macho
 Males of this species have a distinctive brown coloration, while the females are grayish.

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