Glass Frogs are fascinating, given their transparent ventral skin. This species is called Dusty given how the dorsal skin is covered in very small white spots. They are intermediate between the sizes of Strawberry and Green and Black Poison Dart Frogs. Their skin is mostly green, with yellowish tints in the ventral surfaces of the limbs and in the tips of fingers and toes. The eyes are very large, located at each side of the head, enabling the frog to spot predators from both sides; the pupil is horizontally eliptical, while the iris is covered with an intricate pattern of blue and gray.

“Focusing on the eyes” is one of the most important elements in general photography, but particularly so in macro. The eyes are usually one of the most striking features in wildlife and macro lenses can bring out impressive detail.
Macro photography is a balancing art between very sharp and detailed subjects and very soft and featureless backgrounds that enable the subject to stand out. Light in the background can created circular figures called “Bokeh”, or disappear entirely into one blotch of color.
This frog was very cooperative and stood in varied poses on a leaf.
Although the frog looks essentially the same color, the leaf does not, but it is the same leaf I promise. Just by changing the angle of view, the light can change entirely, producing very different colors.
This one looks like it is taking impulse before the dash, although frogs usually hop instead of running.

Dusty Glass Frog (Teratohyla pulverata)

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