We found the Atlantic Broad-headed Litter Frog during a night hike at Yatama Ecolodge. It looked like it was hiding below a leaf, and I got a glimpse as I illuminated the floor with my headlamp. It stayed put while I was taking photographs, and even let me remove the leaf that was covering its back. I presume this frog is very comfortable with its camouflage, although I would say with this color, it does not hide very well. According to the Amphibians of Costa Rica: A Field Guide book by Twan Leenders, it is common throughout its range, which in Costa Rica includes the Caribbean lowlands. It looks rather grotesque to me with those skin folds and oversized head and arms, unlike some of the slender litter frogs like the White-lipped Rain Frog or the Masked Litter Frog, and indeed it is much larger than both.

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