When night falls at Yatama Ecolodge, frogs take over every corner, specially on humid, rainy nights. One such night, I was searching for the Splending Leaf Frog which sadly did not appear, when the guide mentioned he had heard it calling from a pond located close to the main refuge. I went there, and though I did not see the Splendid, I found this Vaillant’s Frog calling from the edge of the shallow pond. To me it seems that this frog chose to stay on a green leaf to help it camouflage better, as the soil and dead leaves are brown, making green frogs a bit conspicuous even with the scarce light of the night. It let me get close to snap a few pictures, and it remained in the same place when I left.

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  1. Mr. Bacerra, I saw your beautiful photo of a Scarlet-bellied Tanager. I would like to use your photo as inspiration for a color pencil drawing/painting I am drawing. I draw free hand sketches, then use my own creative skills to blend the colors for the birds. I would like to use my composite paintings on products, such, as mugs, t-shirts, and journals for my online Shopify store. I’m 68, totally disabled and this is the only thing I can do for work. Do I have your permission and/or license to do so?


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