When it comes to identifying frogs and reptiles, I still consider myself an amateur. I have spent countless hours birding, but herping I am just starting out. So I might be forgotten if I can’t easily identify a frog like this one to species level, given how similar are many of the species in the Craugastor family. And this very fact, together with the inmense variability of appearance in these species make identification difficult, so deciding whether this is a White-lipped, Common or Slim-fingered Rain Frog can be a tough challenge. The fact is, I rely on the opinion of friends and experts like the guides in Yatama Ecolodge, to help with identification, and of course the Amphibians of Costa Rica: A Field Guide book by Twan Leenders is a great source to help with that process. Now, a few traits might be enough to distinguish the species, like observing the lack of a white lip stripe in the case of the individual below, but with their small sizes, that can also be easier said than done. There will be plenty of learning ahead of me.

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